DOCTOR WHO – Series 6 Episode 8

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

DOCTOR WHO – Series 6 Episode 8
“Let’s Kill Hitler”

A review by Timothy Harvey

So, I’m doing things a little different this week because, well, I can.

Normally I would be typing this review out, and busy as this week has been for me, you would have seen it by now. But I had the opportunity to bring my lovely and talented and just-as-geeky-as-I-am daughter Kylie together with me to record a video review, and since I happen to think my kid is pretty amazing, frighteningly smart AND she’s a big DOCTOR WHO fan, I jumped on it.

Fair warning: SPOILERS FOLLOW.

And we ramble. Good Lord we ramble. This may be the longest review you’ll ever see from me, but we had a lot of fun. If we do it again, it’ll be MUCH tighter. What you’re seeing here is cut down from a hour and a half ramble session, and even this is probably too long to watch. It’s also a little jumpy by virtue of being cut down. Ah well, like I said, we had fun.

A couple of things I couldn’t remember while we were filming and felt needed to be mentioned:

The actress playing Mels is named Nina Toussaint-White. Her credits include the British series EASTENDERS and PRIMEVAL.

The actor who plays Hitler is Albert Welling, and his credits are many, but American audiences may know him best from parts in the RUMPOLE series, LOVEJOY and PRIME SUSPECT.

[“Doctor Who” on the BBC web site]   [“Doctor Who” on BBC America]


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