So you’ve probably noticed…

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

… that there’s been a sizable gap in posts lately. Yeah, sorry about that. It started off as giving the reviews time to breathe on their first home,, where all of my reviews make their debut. That seems only right. But then life kept getting in the way…

Between film shoots and work and going after a new job, I’ve just been swamped kids. I will, however, make sure I’m more timely in posting here as well. Coming up I have the “Just How Long Does It Take To NOT Look For A Missing Child In The Zombie Infested Woods” “Walking Dead” Timeline post, and an overall season review for “Doctor Who”, as well as the upcoming DW Christmas Special. I’ll also be posting more film news updates, as I work on finishing “The Statement Of Randolph Carter”, and news about the new film we just finished shooting. In the meantime, here’s some stuff to look at:

Photos from the new shoot:

And here’s something special… My dear friend Sharon Wright directed her first film something over a year ago, and I was there to be her Assistant Director. We were very happy with the finished product, and got a ton of great response to it, and it made it’s way out to the festival curcuiet for a bit. Fast forward to the last few months and it’s just exploded! Over a million YouTube views, an incredible ranking on IMDB, and a HUGE amount of publicity, including, and this was incredible, a shout out from Roger Ebert. Yeah. Seriously.

Feel free to share, but please, please, please, share the link itself. No downloading and uploading to sites ok? That way Sharon can get the info about where the film is going and all that. Thanks!


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