WHO KNOWS? R.I.P. Christopher Barry

Posted: February 10, 2014 in Uncategorized


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Christopher Barry has died, and while you may not recognize the name, if you’re a fan of the First through Fourth Doctors, you know his work.

On “The Daleks”, Richard Martin and I worked very closely in the planning stages, and because our styles weren’t radically different, there weren’t any real clashes. The only problems we did experience came from Sydney Newman, who’d had quite a hand in the creation of the show and didn’t like the Daleks at all. I think he felt they were childish science fiction. When I first saw them, though, I was absolutely delighted.

He directed 43 episodes of Classic Who, the most of any director in the show’s history, including “The Daleks”, the second story in the show’s history and arguably the most important episodes in making the show a success and keeping it on the air. He would go on to direct…

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